Background Checks needs to be part of your hiring process.

How do you find the right employee for your company?

All companies will experience a long recruiting process at some point. Your recruiter has written and re-written the job posting, and has taken extra care to attract the right candidate. As the days follow your in-box fills with potential candidate’s resumes and now pre employment background checksyou get to spend a lot of extra time sorting, and sourcing and trying to find the right fit.

Here it is 2-3 weeks later and you have to select the best candidate that fits your requirements. Who will you select? The candidate that holds a Master’s degree or the fresh candidate out of college, which will become your next new employee?

Sure you can now spend more time conducting your own background checks on one of those sites that is cheap or even “Free”. But why not leave it to the experts?

What are some background checks you should consider?

Criminal records. This is probably the first check you should consider.  As an employer you need to make sure you understand the state laws on what crimes you can consider and how far back information used to make a hiring decision can go.

Credit checks. This should be dependent on the opening you have or your company’s rules and regulations. Be cautious, the EEOC is starting to crack down on these checks.

Education, certification and licenses. If the position requires a degree or special training or is going to hold a higher up position in the company you should always check this. Did you know that if you did not check this and put this person in a work environment that needed to meet specific qualifications your company is now liable if someone is hurt?

Reference Checks. AHH more time spent away from business! Actually if you have reference checks done through a third party like KENTECH they will get a written authorization form from your candidate letting the investigators retrieve more information. However, if you are still insistent on doing this yourself make sure that you understand what can be asked and said during this process.

Drug Testing. Yes you are within your rights to conduct pre-employment drug testing. It is up to you on what you want to test for. Is your company in logistics or driving in anyway? Then there are quick 5 panel, 10 panel drug tests that will cover anything that is needed for DOT. Anything else you should be able to pick and choose the drugs you want testing for and if it is oral, urine or hair follicle samples.

These are just a couple of background checks available and you should find a company that offers a variety of background checking solutions or services. KENTECH offers a wide variety of background checking solutions that are customizable to your company’s needs.

After running these background checks you should really have your candidates focused down to one or two applicants and now the hard part – which one? This we cannot help you decide this is the part where with all your hard work and time spent on your business just know who is the best fit for that position.

We at KENTECH Consulting Inc. understand that doing all the above in a business is time consuming and chances are if you do not have a HR department you do not have the time. Kentech has the right solution to help you make the right decisions on employment and pre-employment screenings. We take great pride that we will not submit a report to you within an hour, we take great care when investigating your candidates to ensure you that the information you receive is accurate and correct.

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